Wart Off Paint 6mL

A treatment paint for common and plantar warts in a convenient 6mL bottle.
Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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What is Wart-Off Paint for?
For the treatment of common and plantar warts.

Who is Wart-Off Paint for?
For children and adults with common or plantar warts.

Why should I use Wart-Off Paint?
Wart Off Paint effectively destroys wart tissues and removes warts quickly with a special pinpoint applicator for targeted treatment.
6 mL Topical paint. Contains Salicylic acid 200 mg/mL (20% w/v), Lactic acid 137.5 mg/mL (12.5% w/v), Podophyllum Resin 100 mg/mL (10% w/v)
Directions for use:
1. Mask the area around the wart by:
a) Smearing petroleum jelly around it, NOT on it.
b) Paint around it with nail varnish.
c) Use a felt corn ring.
d) Cut plaster around the wart.

2. Apply a very small amount of Wart-Off Paint on the top of the wart only, using the applicator. Avoid contact with the surrounding skin.

3. Allow Wart-Off Paint to dry, then cover the wart with a plaster (waterproof if possible) so it does not breathe. Do not leave the wart uncovered.

4. Wash hands thoroughly after applying Wart-Off Paint. If a waterproof plaster is used to cover the wart, washing hands will not affect the treatment. If you use a non-waterproof bandaid, do not put wart area in water as this can cause the salicylic acid to run into the skin and cause burning.

5. Repeat once or twice daily until the warts has completely cleared. Change the plaster every couple of days or as desired. Should the condition persist consult a physician.

What is Wart-Off Paint?

Wart-Off Paint is an easy and effective treatment designed to help you remove warts quickly and without hassle. Its powerful formula combines the properties of salicylic acid and lactic acid, working together to destroy wart tissue. This wart removal treatment is specially designed for both common and plantar warts, ensuring versatile and targeted action.

How Wart-Off Paint Work?

One of the key features of Wart-Off Paint is its special pinpoint applicator, which allows for precise application of the solution onto the wart. This ensures that only the affected area is treated, minimizing any potential irritation to the surrounding skin. The active ingredients within Wart-Off Paint are 20% w/v salicylic acid, 12.5% w/v lactic acid, and 10% w/v podophyllum resin, all working to provide an efficient and fast-acting wart removal solution.

Product Availability

Wart-Off is available in leading pharmacies & grocery stores in Australia.

If your local pharmacy does not stock Wart-Off, you can ask them to order it for you.